FAQ on Finding a Physician

Q. How can I find a physician who prescribes bio-identical hormones in my area?

A. You can use the physician directories on Worldhealth.net (the website for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Physicians) or lef.org (Life Extension Foundation) to locate a physician near you. For those who are specifically interested in the Wiley ProtocolTM, you should review www.thewileyprotocol.com (T. S. Wiley's official website). Alternatively you can inquire at your local compounding pharmacy for recommendations. While Dr. Chen tries to maintain connections with the medical community (both conventional and alternative), most of her active contacts are in the Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and San Diego areas of California, and Ann Arbor, MI, and it is unlikely that she will personally know of specific physicians to recommend to you outside of those areas.